Woodchip Supplies

Our main product is woodchip produced from willow grown on our own farm and also from the timber removed with the tree shear. The Willows are harvested and chipped using a Ny- Vraa willow harvester. The other timber is chipped using a Mus Max Terminator Chipper. This can chip logs up to 450mm diameter.

All of the woodchip is dried in a 250m2 woodchip drying floor down to a moisture content of between 15 – 20%. Then the woodchip is screened in a 3 way split screener to ensure consistent wood chip G30 specification. Our woodchip storage facilities ensure that the woodchip remains dry at all times. These facilities ensure a consistent high quality wood chip product which optimises the performances of the boiler systems in which it is used.

We can deliver 20m3 to 40m3 loads of Wood chip anywhere within a 30 mile radius of Dromore. Woodchip can be either tipped or blown into the stores using a woodchip blower fitted to the back of one of our delivery trailers.

The two other products produced from the screening process are fine dust which is sold for animal bedding and oversized chip which is used as kindling for fires/log boilers.

Both these products can be delivered or collected. We supply customers that have small 50kw woodchip boilers to customers that have 500kw boilers which can burn over 2 ton of woodchip every day.

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